Yvette Mucharraz y Cano

I met the Chancellor at the graduation ceremony and his words still resonate with me: “I pray that you’ve been worthy for every pain and sorrow and suffering, and that when the time comes to present yourself, you will not have to stand in line, that you’ll be guided to the very front as a special person, the special Royal Roads scholar you are".

Someone I met some years ago told me about Royal Roads University, and my life changed since then.

I am Mexican, and one of my dreams was to study abroad, but it was not easy being a working single parent. RRU had the program that met my needs. So I enrolled to the Executive Coaching Program and graduated in 2013. I gained knowledge and coaching abilities, and I acquired competencies that have impulsed my career, such as self-awareness, and how to lead others also by the heart.

The change was evident when I started being invited to deliver conferences and over the past 24 months I was invited to 10 forums including Europe and South America. I started teaching and I published a book in English and in Spanish and I have been invited to participate in projects with the United Nations in Europe through a consultant firm.

At Royal Roads I learned to dream big. I have also enriched my life through amazing friends and I started my MA in Interdisciplinary Studies, where I am focusing on studying resilience and my colleagues and teachers have helped me to grow significantly.

When I was taking the coaching program I heard for the first time a concept from Robert Hargrove "Impossible Future", and Royal Roads has been the path to be there, to unleash the potential I was not able to acknowledge before.

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