Victoria Buhlers

Harold Buhlers, along with his wife, Julie, and children Michael and Victoria, moved to Royal Roads Military College in 1951. Harold was employed by the college as a lab technician and barber for the cadets from 1951 to 1957. Two more children were born to Harold and Julie during their stay at Royal Roads - Richard in 1952 and Irene in 1953.

We lived for six very happy years in what is now the guard house on the Royal Roads property. Sadly, Harold passed away in 1957, and Julie and the children moved to Victoria a year later. The entire family truly enjoyed their time at the college, and have very fond memories of Hatley Castle, Esquimalt Lagoon and the surrounding park lands.

Pictured here is our father practicing his barbering craft!

Harold Buhlers practices craft of barbering at Royal Roads in 1950s.


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