Scott Hutchinson

As a mid-career learner, I had entered the MBA program (specializing in Digital Technologies) in 2001 with a wide range of experience and life skills but no under-graduate degree. I was looking for the program to help add a higher level of education to my CV, but also to build some relationships outside of the small business realm I had been working in.

To say that those goals were 'met' would be an understatement. Through building skills in public speaking, resolving conflicts within teams under stress, and managing multiple and often conflicting priorities that we as students had to master, the program gave me the confidence to completely shift in the type of work I was doing, and the clients/employers that I was working for.

Currently I am working as a senior IT Project Manager for a national firm, running multiple concurrent projects with teams from around the globe. As an added bonus, I get to do it all from home. All said and done, I can not say enough positive words about the difference that my time at Royal Roads made in this journey. It was truly a life-changer.

Scott Hutchinson

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