Kamara Toffolo

Little did I know that when I attended Royal Roads’ Entrepreneurial Management program that I would not only gain a world-class education, but I would also meet the love of my life.

I completed the Bachelor of Commerce degree in Entrepreneurial Management program during 2003 to 2005 along with my now husband, Paul. I guess you could say that the beautiful campus sparks not only innovation and creativity, but also love.

Our relationship started out long distance, I was based in Vancouver and he was based in Toronto, but it stood the test of time and travel, as together we embarked on an adventure of working and living overseas in Japan.

We settled in Toronto, where we are now, and our education from Royal Roads has served us well in our careers. We both worked in financial services, but during the past year I’ve begun to truly apply the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge I picked up at Royal Roads by launching my own business. I am now a Career and Leadership Coach for Corporate Misfits! I help working professionals love or leave their corporate lives by finding or creating work that WORKS for them.

Paul has been my cheerleader, encouraging me to finally make the leap out of corporate work and into my entrepreneurial journey, and to lean on our education from Royal Roads.

So thank you, Royal Roads, for not only equipping me with the skills I needed to pursue my dream, but also for gifting me with my biggest supporter.

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