Jui Mei Chang

I visited Royal Roads for the first time when I came to Victoria from Taiwan for my convocation ceremony of the offshore MBA program in 2011. I was so impressed with the beautiful nature of the university. I loved the views and the green environment of the campus.

As a business owner with more than 30 years’ experience, I have employed more than 1000 people in my factory. My undergraduate degree was in electronic engineering and I have a passion for study. I believe the combination of knowledge from academic theories and field practices can result in a better support and management of my business.

My experience as a student at Royal Roads University gave me more confidence to pursue academic achievement, and after graduating from Royal Roads, I completed an Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (EDBA) at Paris Dauphine University.

During my time as a Royal Roads student, I enjoyed working in teams of five or six people from many different business sectors. Each one of us made contributions from our own abilities and experience. Every single discussion with teammates allowed us to brainstorm and generate ideas and solutions. We appreciated the quality of the program and the university’s effort to ensure we had a great educational experience in Taiwan.

My experience with Royal Roads inspired me. I gained not only academic knowledge, but also innovative leadership and problem-solving skills in the MBA program.

As a graduate of Royal Roads, I feel it is incumbent upon me to support our alumni in Taiwan as a strong group. I served as the second term president of Taiwan Alumni Association from 2013 to 2014, and it has been my honour to contribute to the best of my ability and to help the alumni association grow continuously.

I am proud of the great work of our Alumni Association to present a very successful 2014 Global Alumni Weekend in Taiwan. Over 300 alumni from Canada, Taiwan, Mainland China and other countries attended and celebrated together.

On behalf of all our alumni in Taiwan, I sincerely express our deepest gratitude to President Allan Cahoon, and faculty and administrative staff for their support and help towards alumni and students in Taiwan.

On my return to Taiwan after that first visit, I recommended and made arrangements for my nephew to pursue his high school education in Victoria. I look forward to coming back for Royal Roads’ 75th celebrations in September.

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