Joanne Rosen

Royal Roads University gave me an opportunity that no one else would. In high school, I couldn't understand algebra because no one could show me the application that related to my life. All I ever wanted was to be a writer and a teacher.

At 40, I was sure that I would never go to university. I was a single mom with 2 kids and a few correspondence courses towards a college degree. I needed to work full-time to support my two kids. Then I heard about RRU. I started to research and realized that it might actually be possible to get a degree, even at my age.

Because of RRU's life skills assessment, I was able to complete one year of a BA and then transfer to the MA program. I am the first university graduate in my family and as I crossed that stage, with Lloyd Robertson there getting his first (honorary) university degree, I knew that I could do anything.

Today, I'm an internationally published writer, and a university instructor in Oman. I am living my learning and loving my life. I graduated in 2006 and will be able to retire by 2017 thanks to RRU. It was one of the best decisions of my life because it opened my eyes to the possibilities. My husband and I have started a company featuring a product that I created and know that it will be a success because I learned . . . I can do ANYTHING.

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