Eva Malisius

Spring Convocation 2015 marked a special time for me: exactly three years ago I interviewed for a core faculty position to join the Conflict Analysis and Management programs, and my first, full cohort at RRU walked the stage.

Little did I know in June 2012, how life.changing my Royal Roads experience would be.

When I first came across the job posting, I had not heard of RRU before, nor did I really know where Victoria was. I found myself intrigued that the posting was wonderfully close to the 'ideal job description' I had compiled for myself. Needless to say, I was overjoyed to be offered the position - and to experience what a wonderful place RRU is. Now, I am proud to call Victoria and RRU my home.

Quite a long way from home, after spending roughly half of my life in Brussels and moving from Berlin, Germany. Victoria might be less international and a tad smaller, but it certainly makes up for it by the warmth of its people and beautiful nature. As a visiting friend put it: this will be a tough place to ever move away from.

Since joining Royal Roads, my life has changed a lot. Numerous career opportunities, like redesigning our program and many courses, and finding amazing friends amongst faculty colleagues and staff – as well as in Victoria. I have thoroughly enjoyed accompanying several cohorts for (at least) part of their learning journey. Many of the graduates will no doubt stay connected as colleagues, peers, and friends.

So really, my life-changing story is about the people I have met since coming to RRU. Thank you, to each and every one of you for what you have contributed.

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