Dan Gunn

I entered the Bachelor of Commerce program in 1999 and graduated in 2000. My (now) wife entered a year later. I was honoured to receive the Dr. Nicholas Rubidge Award and was asked to speak to the incoming class about how to get involved, have fun and make a difference at RRU. I met Jeanie Miller following that talk and we started to date and fell in love. She was elected by her classmates to receive the same award and I spoke at her convocation as the alumni representative.

We wrote Dr. Rubidge to thank him and told him we would tell our grandkids that we were both honoured by the award named after him. He wrote back with support and encouragement and we will never forget the privilege of being selected by our respective classmates for this honour.

Today, Jeanie is the Manager of Convocation and Events at UVic and I am the CEO of VIATeC. We both remain in Victoria and hope that one day our son Maxwell will follow in our footsteps and also be selected by his classmates for the Dr. Nicholas Rubidge Award but, either way, RRU gave us our education and, most importantly, our future together.

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